Thursday, October 30, 2008

UPDATES: Neuvation C50's, Training Rides & Five Guys' Hot Sauce Nearly Does Me In

Here is some updated thoughts on the follow subjects:

Neuvation C50 Wheels. Today I finally got around to looking over my Curtlo from the Astoria Race. The new rear shifter cable had stretched just a bit and so that was adjusted. I adjusted the brake pads a bit as well. I looked that the wheels to see if they were still holding together and they were, but the rear wheel was just a slight bit out true. Maybe a millimeter or two away from being perfect. Lane at work straightened it and said that it trued up easily and required just a couple 1/8th turns here and there. I am not surprised, Astoria was hell in some places and I did not take it easy when it was bumpy. This was the first time they have been trued after the three races they have been used. The front wasn't touched. I still really like these wheels. If they continue to hold up I will probably buy a second set next year so that I have a different set of tires ready along with the Fangos.

Training Rides. I rode to work and back for the past three days. I try to make them training rides and since there is a far amount of elevation change over the 13 miles distance that I go each way it can make it pretty challenging if I push it--especially on the way back. I hate the last 2+ miles of my return ride home because of the 4 short steep-ish climbs that happen come when I am tired after riding both ways and being on my feet all day long. My legs tonight were dead. They just had nothin' in them. So I just sat in small chainring may more than usually and hated my ride home. It sucked. I had not had much to eat and because my wife went out to dinner with the kids there weren't any leftovers at home for me tonight. As a result about 2/3 of the way home--right before the hills start to hurt me--I stopped at the place that I shall call Devin's Kryptonite--Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries and their hot sauce. Ugh. I love this place. It is not good for me. Totally unhealthy. But this place is like kryptonite for me in that seeing this place on my commute makes me weak. It seems to bend me to its will if I get too close to it and then it drags me inside. Tonight I went back for the first time in about 5 days and I felt good about that...or not. Anyway, I went and tried something different, a bacon burger. No cheese because I need to stay on the healthy side of things after all. I had them put on hot sauce instead of ketchup and mustard. And of course no mayo--I hate mayo on sandwiches and burgers. The hot sauce is Frank's Hot Sauce, which I have never had before. It definitely has a kick. The burger was freakin' huge. This is what it had on it, lettuce, a couple of tomato slices, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon, two patties, and the hot sauce. I had some fries too. Geesh...too much food. And the hot sauce activated something that apparently had been laying undisturbed. I am not saying that it was the hot sauce itself that was the trouble so much as the instigator of the trouble. Everything was fine and dandy until about 10 minutes after it hit my stomach. Yeah, trouble was brewing. Before I even left Five Guys the trouble was apparent. I continued my ride home I almost didn't make it without having a disaster in my P.I. Amfibs. As if I wasn't miserable enough with my rubber legs, I had to try and thread the needle between keeping stuff that wanted to explode out inside me and also trying to keep my toasted legs pumping onward the last 2.5 miles home to make it in the house unscathed. I mean too much effort and I might not be able to hold it all in, and without a sufficient amount of speed it was be similarly bad. was a delicate yet immediate problem. And did I mention that most of my remaining route was uphill? Yeah, maxing out tired legs and maxing out my sphincter retention powers was a little much for me tonight. Nevertheless, I made it home without either my legs or my rear blowing up...yea me.

I know, I know...TMI, TMI....

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