Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Glue is a pain in the...

Yeah, gluing up a set of tubies is a bit time consuming. Achieving perfection is not attainable yet for me. I put the front tire on and I was not able to get the tread perfectly centered. Oh, well. I was stressed until first I called Brianero and then read in a "How to" article that getting the tread perfect wasn't a big deal. It still bugs but I am going to live with it.

However, I am worried that I dorked around with the tire, once it was on the rim, so much that I may have messed the glue set up. I don't know and I won't until tomorrow. Ugh...I hope I did a good enough job, I hope I did....

Tomorrow I will finish off the rear. I hope to do a better job. I am realized how important it is to really pull hard on the tire all the way around so that you can actually get it on the rim. I had pre-stretched the tire sufficiently, I just didn't work it around as well as I should have once I started to mount it. I am sure that the next one will go better.

Man, I hope this works...I don't want to have to do it all over again.

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