Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to Toe In a TRP Euro X Brake

The TRP Euro X brake does not have an easy method to adjust the toe in on their brakes. This is the one flaw in my opinion. So after finding no easy answer to solve my squealing front wheel and shuddering fork I had to figure out how to toe in some way, some how.

I understand that a crescent wrench was a common solution to this issue with some of the old canti's of olden times, but I didn't really want to try and bend the brake pad/post while it was on my Alpha Q fork. I also couldn't find the crescent wrench in the shop (I found it later in a pile of tools on Lane's bench. If you have ever seen Lane's bench you know that finding anything there is remote). So I took the front two pads off and put the posts in the vice at the shop. I grabbed the 1 lb mallet and gave the pads a few gentle whacks on one end on each. Presto--toe in!

I probably should have done the rear pads too, but I was in a rush today and had little time. So if the rear brake squeals, no biggie--just realize it is me and say hello. It may be loud in the back, but at least I won't have the fork quaking beneath me.

I understand that the 2009 version will have some trick adjustments, including a toe in adjustment. If true, I will be buying that when available for sure.


Greg said...

Indeed the mallet/vice has been the trick in the past, but I am happy to say that the new Euro X Magnesium have introduced toe in amongst other adjustment features. I've been using them heavily this season and they are now in production and available for sale. The good news is that all the components are modular so you can retrofit your current pair of Euro X's. The new Mags, as an example, introduce the toe-in via their new brake cartridge system. The posts of those new brakes have an allen adjustment key that you can tweak to toe in the pad. I am not sure when the posts/pads can be ordered individually apart from the new magnesium brake set itself just yet, but keep asking your TRP dealer!

Dan Gerous said...

You can also buy these, same idea as the TRP adjustable new pad holders but at a fraction of the cost... They're probably heavier though.

Mr. Flynn said...

Spectacular tip! Thanks!