Friday, October 10, 2008

She's Ready!

My little salmon Curtlo is all ready to go. I removed the old shifter set up and installed this one.

Yes that is a 2001-2004 era 9 speed Campy Veloce shifter paired up with a 2008 XTR rear derailleur. I am still only running one ring in the front. The cassette is also an XT.

Does it work? You bet. Campy and Shimano working well together? Yes, you just have to have an interpreter of sorts. The Jtek Shiftmate. More info on it HERE. So far so good. It hasn't gone offroad yet, but it shifts great right now. Here is a look at it from a different angle:

This weekend will be the first real test. Hope it does well, because I really, really like the Campy shifter. Holy Crap it is so cool to have that thumb shifter on the inside that allows me to go from my biggest ring all the way to my smallest in just one throw. Amazing. I wish I had done this years ago. And with the Shimano cassette I can run a wide range while keeping it simple with only one ring on the crankset. I still have my Record brake lever w/o the shifter innards on the left side. Both the levers feel identical with the exception that the left only controls the front brake and the right does the rear derailleur and the rear brake.

Also, I won't be running the carbon wheels this weekend. They have the crap Vittorias on them still and so I will be going with the Ksyrium ES wheels with the Tufo Flexus. It should be a nice set up. I can't wait. Hopefully I can get a little redemption after last weekend's fiasco.

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