Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Favorite Quote

A friend of mine, Fish, emailed me this morning. I had asked him how his training was going for his upcoming Ironman in Arizona this November. I hope he doesn't mind, but I am going to post what he wrote about his feelings regarding the marathon portion of the Ironman.

I'm scared to death of the run. My long run will top out around 17-18 miles, matching my longest run to date. So, the last eight miles are going to be a thorough exploration of that pain cave without a flashlight.

Yeah, I love that image--in the pain cave without a flashlight. Classic. And very accurate I am sure.

I think Fish is mildly insane. In a good way. I have stated that I have very little desire to do a full Ironman. The half distance is more than enough for me. It is kind of like when I was thinking about doing the Creampuff next year. I just don't want to do the sort of training necessary to finish one of those events. Nope, I am sitting here just shaking my head even thinking about it.

Cyclocross is a welcome break before I start training for April's half ironman in Oceanside. I mean a 45 minute race, yep, that is more my style right now. You can throw any sort of misery on me during that 45 minutes you want and it still won't be as miserable as a half-ironman, let alone the full monty. Sure I crashed a few times and my neck aches right now, but at least I can walk down a flight of stairs. After the half ironman in June it took several days to get back to where I could move around somewhat normally again. So despite a pisser of a race last weekend, it could be worse.

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