Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brianero's Cross Crusade #3 Report

Brianero emailed this to me tonight after the Rainier race. Too bad I missed it. I had other commitments today and could not race.
After being sick last week, I knew that I shouldn’t have done a double this weekend and I paid for it dearly today. All of us that raced yesterday were knackered but I know my body and know that I was far more in debt than I should have been. You didn’t do Rainier last year, right? I was reminded of a video I have somewhere of the Koppenberg cross race where the horrible cobbled climb just destroys the field. Today’s climb and bumps just annihilated me. My back hurt before! Last night, this morning and all the way up to the line. To hear people complaining of their backs hurting after one little race just elicited a bitter, dusty laugh from me.

We need rain. We need the epic conditions that draw us to this.

And he is right I wasn't able to go last year to Rainier. Brianero went down to Psycho Cross where he raced and performed very well. He looked like he was really freakin' strong. Judging by his short report I am sure it was brutal out there.

It doesn't sound like the sort of course I excel at anyway. Hilly? ugh. Those up and down courses destroy me. But it looks like I am a go for Saturday's Astoria race followed by a no-go on Sunday.

I will give a better Fango/Neuvation report within the next day or so.


Brianero said...

I'm wishing that I could have scored the Fango's in 34 now. They hooked up pretty well but bottomed out a little too often on the rocky sections. Regarding the course, I've got a CX video of the Koppenberg race and the climb at the race reminded me of that beast. I'll try to get you a better race/course description today.

Brianero said...

doh, looks like I already included the koppenberg in my original note. Bonus berg!

Mr. Flynn said...

I was thinking that I should have gone with the 34's as well. Geesh and they had both in stock when I bought them too! Oh year maybe.

James said...

dang, your doing Saturday and I'm doing Sunday at Astoria. Brianero is right: Rainier was Brutal atmo.
Oh well, you can kick my ass at Barton. :)

Mr. Flynn said...

It is kind of hard to kick your butt when you just sit back there on my rear wheel and act all cheery. And the you pass me with more cheery words...

jerk ;)