Friday, October 10, 2008

New Team?

A friend of mine, Jim M. that has a blog over at is starting up a team. It doesn't have a name yet or any sponsors yet. I have told him that I would join up though when he approached me about it. I have never been on a team before. I don't think that it is a totally serious endeavor. I mean, not serious that we are all wanting to win the A's or Master A's or anything. At least not this year. But, I think it is a really good thing to have people that can cheer you on and help you to train. And I think we are serious about doing the best we can with what we've got.

I just wish my schedule were different. I am assuming it will be in the near future. I mean, I have passed the bar exam. I earned fairly decent grades in law school. I have a good reputation, at least I think so. I have had people give me tips about jobs and so forth. But either I suck for some other reason or I have had the longest string of bad luck in my life. I am still without legal employment. As a result, I am still at the bike shop which schedules me in the evenings when most people get together to train. Eventually this will change. I have been willing to work as a clerk just to get back into the legal market. Heck, I would be willing to do anything as long as it offered me enough to pay bills, well almost. I have managerial experience most recently from running the sales staff at a new car dealership, but I refuse to go back to that. That is about the only thing off the table right now. Weekends and holidays would be totally gone if I went back to that. Things have to change, its got to, right?

Geesh, I got off track. Anyway, the team. No name yet, but hopefully the uni's will be cool. Isn't that the main reason people join--for the cool uni's? I am horrible at thinking ideas in regard to these sorts of things. I don't have a artsy fartsy bone in my body. Well, really I have opinions about art, I just have very little ability to come up with artsy stuff on my own. My hands have always felt retarded when it comes time to drawing or doing something creative in grade school art class. I am much more industrial. Designing bikes. Yeah, I could do that. Wait, I already did that back in the 90's for a few years. Anyway, I am excited about this. It was rough turning down all those other offers, all zero of them. I had often thought about buying some of Racer's jerseys and team kits. I would never get to ride with the team--they are all back in Utah, but the uni's are cool and Racer is a great guy.

I hope things go well and that I can be a good teammate if it does get going. The only racing I do is for Cross, well and triathlons. But it will be a real positive thing. I used to ride a bunch with DTP, but it has been hard to schedule times to go with him and well, road rides with him are not really training rides. My wife was good to go with but again it is difficult for us to go out at the same time because of the kids. A team would be great. The camaraderie would be great. So thanks Jim!


Kristin said...

Teams are awesome...mostly for the camaraderie. I probably wouldn't really race as much cyclocross if I weren't on a team, because I wouldn't have anyone to heckle and drink with :)

PS: I've some experience designing jerseys :)

Mr. Flynn said...

I will let him know! Thanks Kristin