Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do the Fango / Aquaseal

This Challenge Fango tire is currently sitting on my carbon wheels stretching out a bit. Since they are on the spendy side I am trying to take some preemptive measures. I have had some Aquaseal sitting in my tool box waiting for a set of tires worth to use it on.

The reason for using this particular product is two-fold. First it is a barrier to the moisture and water that are inevitable here during the Northwest cyclocross season. The sidewalls have a tendency to rot or otherwise breakdown faster because of the harsh conditions. I would rather wear out the tread before the sidewalls degrade. This Aquaseal product will accomplish this.

The second reason is for abrasion protection. There are some other Aquaseal products out there but this one specifically helps to guard against abrasions. Yeah. Sign my up for abrasion protection, preferably for my body, but in the absence of that I will take it for my tires.

You need one tube per tire. This stuff costs about 6 or 7 bucks a tube. I think it will be worth it. Time will tell.

I could immediately tell a difference between these Challenge Fangos and the Vittorias that were on it. The sidewalls are just some much more pliable. The fold up much more easy. I am curious as to how they will ride. Maybe Saturday at Psycho Cross I will find out if the course calls for it. I am excited for sure.

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