Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suffering at Cross Practice = 193.2 lbs.

I showed up the Brianero's cross practice last night. About a dozen folks showed up and I was the slowest overall. At one point I pulled over and had to take a drink because I felt like I was either going to pass out of puke. Or both. Jimbo was faster. Marcelo was faster--that guy can haul butt when he gets the handling think down there is no way I will even come close. The others were B racers or better and the fact that I didn't compete isn't that big of a deal. At least it isn't right now.

We did a couple of laps, then 4 laps, and then 3 laps. It was during the 3 lapper that I had to stop for a drink. But I did finish the workout. I realized that sucking it up is OK, as long as I keep getting after it. I will just keep at it, going to my limit and that will be enough. The course really seems like it is all up hill. There really isn't much of a place to rest while going up and down and through the trees.

Nevertheless, I got on the scale this morning and I weighed 193.2 lbs. Nice. 8 More pounds to hit goal weight. Almost halfway there.

While dropping about 7 pounds since I crested 200 a bit ago hasn't been easy, it hasn't been too bad. The lowest I hit last year was 187 and change I think. So perhaps I will hit a wall in the near future and the weight will be harder to drop.


Jimbo said...

must have something to do with suffering @ cross practice cuz I weighed in this morning @ 151.6. I haven't been at that weight since last October!

The good news is Brianero is working our asses off and that's a good thing, despite our being at the non-pointy end of last nights scrimmage.

Brianero said...

Be sure to sign up for the Salem ST tomorrow. it's prereg only.

Brianero said...

It's going to be a Wed Thurs this week, boys. Can you make it?

Mr. Flynn said...

I will be there for sure one of the two nights. Looking forward to getting my butt kicked again. I will be stronger for it.