Friday, August 7, 2009

Browns Camp with Dave

Went riding again with Dave. I had a blast. We did a figure 8 version of Browns Camp since I was short on time. I have not done this route in over 2 years. We mainly stopped doing it because it felt too easy. But, so what! It was a blast, if I had the time we would have done it a couple of times.

I believe that Dave will shortly post something on youtube that will discredit my mtb'ing skills. It took me at least 30 attempts to clear a trouble section of the trail. Dave cleared it first, but it has been a couple of years since he has done it. And he has probably attempted it a hundred or two times in between. Dave made it look easy on his full suspension 29er. I looked like I was trying to pick my way through the rocks and rubble--which I was. It is interesting the riding styles that one picks up because of the bike one has. Dave rides a marshmallow--a very nice marshmallow--but he can just blast through stuff compared to me. I have a hardtail and I find that I have to have more finesse that he has to have to clear some sections, otherwise I get bounced off the trail. Nothing wrong with either way--one just adapts one's style to mold with the bike. Either that or you buy the bike that is your style. Sort of a chicken and the egg thing I suppose.

Anyway, once the embarrassment is up I will post it here, I am OK with being the butt of the joke sometimes.

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