Monday, August 3, 2009


Lugs arrived at my house today. Neil gets them tomorrow. Still waiting on the bottom bracket lug. I ordered that first and it will arrive last. The lugs were from Australia and still beat it here.

The lugs are no where near their finished state. Stuff has to get chopped and and smoothed over quite a bit.

I stole the picture below from the Cernitz Bike Blog

That is my frame and a close representation with the color I am thinking of going with. Not sure what to do with the fork. It sort of clashes with the paint scheme I am going with. I have time to ponder it though.

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Jimbo said...

I love it and dig the color! I like bright colors: orange, yellows, anything that isn't dark. Plus, as I learned from my Zankolicious, dark colors hide the lugs. Bright colors show them off.....

Have the fork painted with the frame atmo....