Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bridget's Birthday

Thanks to those that gave advice regarding places to take Bridget on her birthday. I was going to take her to Serratto, which Brianero recommended. The menu looked great. It is not a traditional sort of Italian place. It sort of reminded me a bit of Fratelli's in the Pearl District, which we ate at for her birthday a prior year. I remember that she liked it, but that she didn't rave about it. Hmmm....was my recollection correct? This morning I asked her about that restaurant, "Hey, we aren't going here for your birthday, but what did you think about Fratelli's?" To which she responded, "It was OK. Sort of pretentious, but not too bad." I made a judgment call to nix Serratto because it was a little too close to the Fratelli genre.

More background. Bridget loves Italian cooking. She spent well over a year in Northern Italy and grew to love traditional cooking from that area. Well, from all over Italy, because the cuisine is very regional. Some areas specialize in specific things that we kind of just assign to all of Italy. I could give you examples except that I don't really pay attention to that sort of thing. I am one of those stupid Americans.

Anyway, so I searched for ideas on authentic Italian and I came up with Ristorante Roma in Downtown PDX. She didn't know where we were going and I know, because she told me, that it was a pleasant surprise.

It is a little restaurant run by people originally from Italy. The Chef was trained there. It was supposed to be very authentic and Bridget affirmed this. We had a couple of salads and then a couple of pasta dishes. I couldn't finish mine, but that may be because I have trained my stomach recently to be a puss. It doesn't seem to have the capacity that it once had--thank goodness. We both had dessert, and it was great.

I told her what I had planned and showed her the Serratto's website. After looking at it and the menu she affirmed that I had done very well, this was exactly what she would have chosen. Sweet! Bonus points for the husband of 9+ years!

And finally I just want to again tell my wife--or rather write to my wife--that I am very lucky to have her around. At 34--CRAP!, I mean at 29 she is still as hot, or really hotter than she was at, um, 29...or something like that.

Love you Bridget


Brianero said...

Give Serrato's another chance because it's nothing like Fratelli's. I've been to both and Serrato's way less pretentious and quite fun to boot. On top of it, they were a long time sponsor of the Cyclisme bike team.

Mr. Flynn said...

We'll definitely give 'er a go another time. The menu looked really good.