Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Boy can Whack It!

Ryan, who is 6 years old and entering 1st grade this Fall has been in a juniors golf program this summer at my father's-in-law golf club. It is once per week and he has been at it for about 6 weeks this summer, he missed about 4 weeks because of Black Butte and traveling to California. I don't go with him to these lessons, that is Bridget's domain. She was the collegiate golfer, not me.

She tells me that he regularly hits his fairway wood over 100 yards. He doesn't hit it this way every time, but a decent percentage of the time. That seems pretty remarkable to me. He has a hard time putting at times, but has really picked up the other areas of the game quickly. Truth be told, he has had golf clubs since he was 2, although he hadn't played with them anywhere near as much as his bike for instance.

The coach told her that he is a very good student who usually gets what he tells him the first time. He is very competitive too. Awesome. I am especially glad that he is into something besides video games.

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