Monday, August 10, 2009


I still haven't lost any weight since I decided to get back on the wagon a while ago.

I may sell my Voodoo tomorrow to a fellow.

I may replace it with another bike (besides the Cernitz SS) that will be good for commuting.

I wanted to ride at lunch today, but could not get away from the shop long enough.

I only had one very small serving of soft serve ice milk--you really couldn't call what I had ice cream tonight.

I ate way too much though, but at least it was all veggies with a little bit of meat and just a touch of oil to cook it. No carbs.

I received an email from Kirk Pacenti that stated that he was on vacation and had no idea why it has been over two weeks since I paid for the bottom bracket lugs and I still haven't received them. And he won't be able to check on them until the end of this week at the earliest.

I am P.O.'d at this last item.

I will hopefully be able to ride the McKenzie River Trail in central Oregon Wednesday.

I also even more eager to leave work tomorrow and drive to Black Butte Ranch to spend time with my family. I had to come back to work while they stayed in played.

My cat is very needy and annoying at the present time.

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