Monday, May 18, 2009

Swim Class 5/18

Class sucked today. I hate drills. I have no coordination for anything but freestyle.

150 yds warm up
5 100's 2:10 each
4 50's (25 kick only on side, 25 free)
4 50's (25 one arm drill, 25 free)
4 50's (25 catch-up drill, 25 free)
4 50's 1:05 each
2 100's 2:10 each

The workout was supposed to include 2 additional 100's and 8 25's but we ran out of time.

I am going to see I can't still get in a long run today. I would rather ride though.

UPDATE: I ran 12 miles this afternoon. My previous long run this year was 10 miles a couple of times. It was all good until the last few miles when coming home. Those hills just kill, especially when combined with the heat. My last 4 miles of the route were either gradually ascending or just brutally ascending. I think I will be OK in Boise for the 13 miles there where the course is flat.

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