Friday, May 29, 2009

Ride with Brianero: Day 2

Damn, I am a sucker. I should have known better. I thought that a ride with Brian today might be easier than last night. Umm. No.

The initial talk a few days ago was of a Thursday night ride followed by the Friday noon ride. With the Thursday ride done I left myself an out due to some longer distance swimming I needed to do. The swimming was top priority and the ride with Brian secondary despite the fact that I would much rather ride than swim. This is mainly because I am more worried about drowning than the riding in the triathlon.

So while I really thought about bailing on the ride I didn't want to be seen as a wuss. I didn't want it to be known that I couldn't handle riding a couple of days back to back, even if I was toasted. Time to suck it up. I did want to ride. I just didn't want to suffer so much today.

So, briefly here is how the day went. I swam 2500 yards at a nice pace in about 52-55 minutes. I felt good despite having a very sore lower back from the ride yesterday. I raced home to pick up my bike gear and a ham sandwich and then raced to the parking structure near Brian's work. We rode to pick up his brother, Ward and another guy Craig. I have met both of them before--good guys. I have never ridden with Ward, the Wookie (as Brian named him early into the ride because of his shaggy legs). Craig, I had ridden with previously at a cyclocross practice last fall. They all pummeled me into submission today. I cried uncle at the top of a hill about an hour into the ride. I was done. I was almost to the point of getting off the bike and walking. They went up hill after hill and I continued to follow in misery. The only bright spot was one particular descent where I went over 53 mph. Talk about cookin'!

They had to wait for me numerous times. I was givin' it all I had, but there was nothin' left in the tank. Still, I was glad to have done it and they were great guys to ride with. But damn, I need to start my taper for the triathlon now that these past two days are over. My legs will be rubber if I keep this up.


Brianero said...

Good to have you there, Dev. Pop on by anytime; though preferably let's have it not be so scorchingly hot out, ok?

Mr. Flynn said...

What about Tuesday at lunch. I have to work open to close and could use an extended lunch.