Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Blame My Wife if I Suck at the 70.3

Bridget went to Black Butte Ranch from Friday evening until Sunday. Then I had to work and do the family thing for the rest of Memorial Day itself. I had planned on running Monday evening but that did not occur.

The main reason is that I had to go with Bridget and the boy to make a showing at a little get-together of friends. They are my friends to, but mostly Bridget's friends. I am there to show that I am not a weirdo and that we are a normal fun-loving family, worthy of being invited to future gatherings. It was not stated, but definitely a given that I was to be on my best behavior since my lovely wife genuinely likes these people and would like to expand her small circle of friends. A husband that overeaten at lunch/dinner and is tired, grumpy and unhappy because I can't train for the fourth day in a row because of more wife-sponsored activities is not the husband that Bridget wants to show up.

I was really tired, in a food-coma in fact. I needed to run, but didn't really want to. I really didn't want to hang out with other people and try and act humorous and jovial.

So what did I do? I went, acted somewhat humorous, fairly jovial without any snide bitching to the wife under my breath. It wasn't too hard, these people are for the most part really nice, well mannered and very considerate. It wasn't too hard to NOT be a jerk. I even got a compliment from Bridget when we left. Yea!

Today I got to work at 8am and then worked until 4:30. I was supposed to be off at 3:30. I rushed home and ate leftovers from about 5 days ago (my absolute leftover limit, I wont eat anything beyond 5 days and often not more than 3). Dinner was ready yet, but I had no time. I went to the library and did some legal work. Then I rushed home around 8pm and hurriedly dressed and went to the gym to run. I managed to run just over 9 miles before they closed at 10pm. Now I am taking a break before I do just a bit more work and then go to bed. Busy day. I get up before 6am tomorrow to go to my swim class. And then work at the shop, rush home do more legal work until 9 or so. Long days.

Still I am not sure that I would trade Bridget. She has to be alone with 3 boys all day long.

As far as my run went for those who care, it went down like this:

At a 1% grade on a treadmill I ran 3 miles at a 10:54 pace and then 3 miles at a 9:50 pace and then 2 miles at an 8:50 pace and then the last mile I ran at around a 7:50 pace or so. I don't really remember that last mile too much. I was about ready to pass out. HR for the first 3 miles was 145 to 147. The next 3 miles is was around 153. The next 2 miles is was 161 to 163 and then for the final mile is was 173 when I finished. Not sure if this was good or bad, just putting it out there for Fish and Dave (formerly known as DTP).


Brianero said...

Sounds like I shouldn't count on you for the post work or lunch ride that we talked about...phoo.

Mr. Flynn said...

No way man. It is on for tomorrow at least.

Brianero said...

Plan on some Pete's Mtn/Wisteria Rd savagery. I'm not feeling so hot so you should clobber me and clamber all over the place.