Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long Week is Over

My stint working 9 days in a row at Circle P is over. Whew. Between that and training I am downright tuckered out. It is about 8:30 right now and I feel like it is nearly midnight.

Swimming was again easy this morning. 800 yards total plus a bunch of drill designed to bring about a better, smoother, more efficient stroke. The weird part is that I felt less smooth after the drills than I did before.

Right after swim class I booked it over to the 24 Fitness next to work and ran for 4.5 miles. I purposely ran 2 minutes slower than the 4.5 miles I ran on Monday. I felt fine, but the first 1.5 miles was definitely hard to get through. I just felt stiff and old. After 2 miles every things was fine, but without the snap I felt running on Monday.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get time to go for a longish long ride.

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