Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Mas

The great Roberto Duran ended a fight with Sugar Ray Leonard--my favorite boxer growing up--by saying "No mas" to his trainer. He couldn't continue the fight any longer. Tonight I did the same thing.

I started the day by doing my swimming class. We did more drills, this time concentrating on breast stroke. I hate the breast stroke and it wipes me out. The leg motion actually started to cause me some pain on the inside of my knees, so I am sure that I am not doing it correctly. Anyway, once that was over I headed home. I walked with Ryan, my oldest to school, then ate breakfast, and hung out just a bit with Jack. Jack headed off with Bridget to pre-school and I got ready to ride. I went to the gym to run on the treadmill.

As an aside I have a new bag that allows me to take clothes for work, clothes to run in, running shoes, a lock, lunch, and a few tools and odds and ends. It is the Ortlieb Velocity Messenger backpack. Here it is:

It is waterproof, fairly comfortable and allows me to take way too much stuff with me to work and back. I highly recommend it. Now, back to the story.

I changed at the gym and ran a comfortable 2 miles in about 19:20 and followed immediately by another 3 miles in 27 minutes. Then showered and changed and got back on the road again to ride to work. I stopped and picked up a little something to eat once I got to work, but not a large amount of food. Work was busy. About 4 hours later I ate what I brought for my dinner/lunch break at lunch and it apparently just didn't have enough calories. Another 4 hours later I was getting ready to head out the door and I just wasn't feeling like riding. But I suited up anyway. I have felt this way plenty of times before and after a bit I get into the ride and all is well.

Not so much tonight.

I just didn't have enough gas in the tank. It is not that I couldn't have made it home, it is just that I did feel like bothering. I was tired and way hungry and underdressed for the cool windy evening. I rode 4 miles before calling the wife to come get me. I pedaled about 6.5 miles total tonight before arriving at the meeting place. That singlespeed was just causing me more effort/suffering than I was willing to put out.

So I wussed out. I feel a little bad about it. But not too bad. The payoff for pushing through my mental block was not near enough to get me to go on. If I had been a little more comfortable (warmer, less hungry) I would have toughed it out in all likelihood. But regardless, today was a heavy load. I did the same schtick last wednesday, but I am feeling a little more run down this week. I've got eat more calories on these heavy days. I probably ate about 2000 calories total before Bridget came and got me today and that just wasn't near enough with all that I did.

Tomorrow I will ride to work and back and that is it. And now--Goodnight, I'm going to bed.


Stephanie said...

I like the backpack. I have felt the "No mas" more and more the older I get. I just won't do things I hate as often as I use to. Not to say I won't push myself. I hate swimming for the first 4-500meters usually but I still do it. But today I was in a kickboxing class and the music was too loud and the instructor was shrieking into her mic to get us to make more noise and my knees were hurting. I NEVER do this, but I just left halfway through the class. I was already kinda in a bad mood, and between her shrill voice and my knees I finally said "no mas" and I don't regret it. Esp since I ended up at urgent care for my knees anyway.

Mr. Flynn said...

Urgent care!?!? Geesh, are you sure you wanna do that tri?