Monday, April 27, 2009

Dead Tired

I swam this morning (see post below). A few hours later I went for a run--10 miles at what I consider to be my race pace. That pace, if you take out the extra time for two steep hills, is about 10:30 per mile on average. The race is supposed to be pancake flat on the run so I feel ok doing that. Then I came home and changed in to my riding gear and went out again on my blue Fuji that is loaded with Red (as in SRAM Red). I had nothin' in the tank. I didn't eat too much before leaving and not enough gels and nothing to prevent cramping. But still...

I cramped up riding home. I had to pedal one legged for about a hundred yards or so. And I am so sore that going down stairs is somewhat painful, though it is not as bad as it was when I first got home.

I am so NOT ready for the Boise Half Ironman yet. I got home and had to soak in the tub for a while. I am just toasted.

UPDATE: It is around 9:30pm and I feel much much better. A little food--some really really good ginger beef (better than any restaurant version I have ever had) a couple of ibuprofen and some rest and I feel like a new man. I could probably actually go and do some swimming right now or maybe bike a bit. But I doubt I could run much. Time for some cereal and then bed.

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Mr. Flynn said...

She finished and she ran the whole way!