Monday, July 28, 2008

It is Official: I Have Pussed Out

Again. I am sure that there are numerous instances where I puss out, let this be on record as yet another time.

I put up my White Bros Rock Solid Rigid Fork up for sale on the Obra email board this afternoon ($190 if anyone is interested). This comes after nearly two years of owning no suspension fork at all. I have not been riding offroad enough to keep my handling skills up to where they were the last couple of years. I hope to go out to Utah this fall if Fish will have me (I would think so--I owe him prime steaks) and I don't feel like toughing it out sans-suspension. I can E.P. a Manitou 29er fork from the shop for cheap and so that is what will be going on the Curtlo MTB SS. Since I am still only running one speed on that bike I guess I am still sort of hardcore. Well, at least until someone looks at the wussy gearing I am running on that bike.

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