Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yeah...that was the number on the scale this morning. Less than 10 pounds away from my goal. I am pretty stoked.

However the downside to this weightloss, a couple of hard rides yesterday, and not eating as much is that during my swim class this morning I ran out of gas. I just couldn't do the work out the way it was designed to be done. We were supposed to step up our efforts over and over again during the workout and at the end I only had 2 speeds left, slow and not quite as slow.

Here was the work out:

16 25's at 45 seconds each. 1st one do nice and easy. 2nd one a bit faster. 3rd one at near full speed. 4th one at full speed. Repeat this until the 16th 25 yard length.

8 50's at 1:20 each. Same thing as above. 1st is easy, ramp it up until the 4th one is at full speed and then repeat so that there are 8 50's total.

8 100's at 2:30 each. Same as the others; 1st 100 is easy and then progressively faster until the 4th is the fastest. Repeat.

Total 1600 yards. My arms were dead after 1000 yards.

My times for the 25's went something like this:

1st 25: 30 seconds and then rest to the 45 second mark.
2nd: 27 or 28 sec., rest
3rd: 24 or 25 sec., rest
4th: 20 or 21 sec., rest
and on the same pace for the 5th thru 16th lengths.

Then on the 50's
1st 50: about 60 sec. and rest to the 1:20 mark.
2nd: 55 sec., rest
3rd: 52-53 sec., rest
4th: 50 sec., rest
and it was the same for 5th thru 8th 50's.

On the 100's I blew up.
I started at close to 2 minutes for the first 100. and then rest to 2:30
2nd lap: 1:50 then rest.
3rd lap: 1:45 then rest. I told the woman behind me that I was out of gas, so if she could go faster than what I had done she should go first. She did. I didn't.
My 4th lap was slower, close to 1:50 again. All of the other laps, 5 through 8 I did at the same pace--around 1:50 to 1:55. My arms felt like lead. But on the up side, I had little problem getting enough air. So if there is an upside that is it.

I need to eat before swimming. Or at minimum take a gel or two before I get in the pool.


Brianero said...

I weighed 196 over the winter and currently am at your target of 183. If I can do it, you can do it.

Mr. Flynn said...

And you are taller than I am.

I have come to realize that even at between 182 and 184 I will still be sporting a little bit of a gut. Back when I was 210+ I thought that at that weight I would be gutless.