Saturday, July 19, 2008

Browns Camp, Solo

When I arrived the parking lot was empty. Yea! Trail to myself!

This is near the end of the re-route on Gravelle Brothers trail. The re-route is pretty fun

I decided to try out the timer on the camera for the first time. This is me at 193 lbs. Cool, it helps that I am sucking in a little, but whatever.

Strained my back a bit climbing out on the trail near the parking lot at the very beginning. I am going to have to start warming up better. I did the loop clockwise. It was a good time, but I'd rather do it with friends. Going it alone means that I can only laugh at myself and not others. It also means that I am more hesitant to open it up for fear of hurting myself and not have anyone find me for awhile.

So I rode to work and my back felt tight, but my legs were pretty dead. As the day progressed my back got to the point where it just hurt pretty bad all of the time. Bridget was in the area near closing time so I had her come pick me up. It was a good thing althoug I am disappointed I didn't finish the week with a final 13 mile ride back home. Oh well, my back deserved a brake.

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