Wednesday, July 23, 2008

191.4, Swimming, and the Lapierre

Bad news first, the Lapierre is up for sale. I still don't have a good paying legal job yet, so I have decided that since we have another baby coming and I figure I don't need 4 bikes right now--two of which are cyclocross bikes. The Lapierre is one sweet bike, but the Curtlo is the better set up for me and this area so it stays and the Lapierre goes. It makes me sad so I am going to change the subject.

Swimming went ok this morning. I missed swimming on Monday, which I am totally fine with. Today I felt fairly fresh until the last set that he gave us. I couldn't make the times and the two women in my lane did. It pissed me off, not that they are faster than I, just that I was the only one not to make the times that last set. Both have had more swimming experience than I have, although I have had this class longer. One of the two has like 10% body fat and she is fairly ripped. I am not. So I don't feel particularly bad that they are faster than I am. I am still faster than I used to be by a long shot. But the competitive nature that resides in me would like to get faster and make the posted times he has for us. My problem again is that I ran out of gas. But just like last week, I forgot to fuel up before I got in the water. Next week I will change this practice.

I weighed in at 191.4 pounds this morning. That rocks. I wanted to hit 190 by the time Bridget gives birth, and that certainly seems like something I can do.

Last night I really pushed it riding back home from work. I made it back in around 52 minutes which is faster than my time going to work. Since the route coming back has about 800 feet more climbing total than my route to work I feel pretty good about it. Part of the reason for pounding the pedals so hard was because my bottom bracket on the Curtlo was bugging me. "Tick, tick.......tick, tick.......tick, tick......" that was the sound it made when climbing any sort of incline while seated. Every down stroke on the non-drive side of the crank was like Chinese water torture--it was driving me crazy and it has been for the past few days. But I found that if I got out of the saddle and rode the bike like I hated it (as I did when I heard that sound) the noise would mysteriously abate. So apparently the bike has a masochistic side--the harder I rode it the quieter it was. Hmmm, maybe the bike is trying to help my training....making me ride harder to stay sane. Something to consider for sure before I replace the POS cheap Token bb for a real Campy Chorus bb in a day or two.

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