Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate it when life gets in the way of what you want to do. Too much stuff going on yesterday and by the time I could go it was after 8pm and I really didn't feel motivated to do anything. Then I was going to ride and then swim, but because my schedule was different than what I had planned I had to drive instead. Then I get home and I have stuff to do to get the firm legal. Oh, and I am pissy. That never helps.

But I did have a great desert. Eggo waffle, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. I don't know what possessed me to eat that, but it was great. I don't feel too bad. My calorie intake today was way less than normal if you take that out.

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Fatty Fodder said...

I ran another 3 miles last night, it's no 8 like you but I'm no tri racer either... At least I'm doing something.. I've ran 14 miles in the last 8 days.
I'm pissy too, although mostly cuz work gets in the way of my wanted training schedy. Haven't been on the bike since Saturday. Oh, and I'm effin tired of the rain too.