Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Couple of Observations

#1) I waited too long to get back in the pool.

I am feeling good about where I stand regarding the bike and the run portions of my training for the Boise 70.3 Ironman. My swim sucks. I went swimming for the first time in about 6 months today. I didn't expect any personal records, but I thought I would have been able to swim more than 800 yards before I was toasted. Actually, it was my arms and shoulders. I totally felt like a wuss. My breathing wasn't too bad, and my form was probably only slightly ugly. I had moments when I felt smooth. But my right shoulder was popping, which it did before swimming 2 or 3 times per week strengthen it early last year. I am almost back to square one in that regard, though my overall fitness is much better.

But at least I am back in the pool. Have I told any of you that I dislike swimming before? Why I persist in doing triathlons is beyond me at times.

#2) After training 9 of 10 days I still feel pretty darn good.

Three days in a row commuting on the Voodoo singlespeed. I felt great this morning when I rode about an hour after I finish my swim. It took me about 20 minutes and then I opened up my effort a bit and found that my legs were there. It was nice.
I am surprised at how good I feel considering I have only had one rest day out of the past 10.

Before this stretch, I had nearly 3 weeks off due to injury and illness. I was worried about coming back too quickly, but I have so far been pretty good--especially this week. I have moderated my efforts so that my average speed riding has varied as much as 2 mph between days while riding the same route. That has saved my legs. My runs have been at a slower pace and effort than earlier this year. I hope this holds up. As my load increases I will start mixing in some higher intensity workouts as well. At this moment I am pleased. Despite this, I still think that Dave (formerly DTP) and Fish may very well whoop up on me in Boise, but I can deal with it.

#3) My wife is happier when she is able to workout. Life is better for all of us here in the Flynn household when Bridget is able to workout. Her stress level is more manageable and she doesn't seem quite so eager to toss Colin, our 6 month old, out the window on the bad days. This is a good thing. Note to self: save all future bad news and news of bike related purchases until she get back from the gym.

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