Sunday, March 22, 2009

8 Miles

Longest run of the year so far tonight. I did it on a treadmill. To me that is sort of cheating (effort-wise--not bordom-wise.  I would have rather been outside if it hadn't been dark). I ran with the treadmill inclined just a bit to make up for the fact, but it was still easier to run in front of a TV in the gym than in the hills around my house.

8 miles takes a while. Especially at the beginning. I started the run at a 5.0 mile per hour pace. After 1/2 mile I increased the pace to 5.1 mph. Then after another 1/2 mile it went up to 5.2 mph. I eventually topped out at 6.4 and then I brought it down the last 1/2 to cool down. My max heart rate was about 161 I think. I wasn't comfortable much the last bit at 6.4 but hey I was running that pace after I hit 7 miles so I don't feel too bad about that.

Sure there are lots of folks faster than me out there. There was one chick that must have been running at a 6 minute mile pace for nearly 40 minutes while I was there tonight. I was impressed. But I was impressed with myself too. I think that I should be over 10 miles for my long runs withing the next 2 or 3 weeks.

If only swimming were going this well...


I bought some new Sidi Genius shoes for 119 bucks at Performance yesterday. This was only about 10% better than what any shmoe off the street could get though. Let me explain.

In the store they are on sale for 199 bucks. BUT, has them on clearance for $149. The walk-in store will honor that price if you ask. THEN, there is a coupon float around out there called a "RIDE" card that give an additional 10% off on your entire transaction, further reducing the price on the shoes to around $135. IF you are a Team Performance Member you are going to get 10% of that purchase back in the form of team points that can be used on a future purchase. This effectively makes the price of the shoes just over 120 bucks for the Team Performance Member.

The problem: quantity is going fast. The Tualatin store was low in inventory. I don't know about the other stores. Good luck out there.

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