Friday, March 20, 2009


The goal tonight was to run about 7 to 8 miles on an indoor trainer. I was scheduled to be off at 5pm at the latest. Umm that was what I thought until about 12:30 when those of us at work realized that we were screwed. Our manager didn't schedule anyone to close the store so I got to stay until after 8pm. Bastard owes me now, I stayed there open to close. However, After leaving to work at a little after 8am and then standing on my feet until close I didn't really feel like running. I arrived at home in time to watch the last bit of a couple of really good NCAA tournament games. I sat and watched them and had no desire to stay up late to run. I am a little bent about having to be there for 12 hours, but whatever. I really don't like my schedule getting messed up. I am very peevish right now about it. It is not the being at work all day that irks me--it is the messing up my schedule that is a big no no.

Tomorrow I ride to work and back, which will put me at over 100 miles for the week on the singlespeed. I will have to run Sunday--my usual off day--to make up somewhat for today.

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