Monday, January 28, 2008

Swim Class: Thumbs up!

Other than having less than 5 hours of sleep when I got up at 5 minutes before 2-Early o'clock--class went well. I was dreading it. But it was not too bad. And as a bonus there were people there that swam slower than I. It was very rewarding to start swimming and realize that I was about 10 seconds faster per 50 yards than the guy ahead of me. He was the slowest guy there--but still nice. Eventually another woman decided that I was faster than her as well and asked if I wanted to go ahead of her. That was nice as well.

The workout was as follows: 8x25yds on 45sec/each, 4x50 on 1:30 each, one minute rest, 8x25 on 45 second pace, and finally 2x100 at 3:00 each pace. We all had time to rest at the end of each interval which made it nice. My pace was between 30 and 35 seconds for every 25 yards, regardless of the total distance. This is slow for most, but it was great for me. The rests were great, especially since I haven't been swimming for a few months.

I think this class will be great, I can see why Bridget did so well.

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