Thursday, January 31, 2008

Face Lift Complete! 17.10 lbs of sweetness!

The Curtlo S3 Cross bike is back from serious surgery. I am very impresssed.

Yes, it is really 17.1 lbs. All parts are on, even water bottle bolts.

I like the bar tape even if it is a bit much.

The crankset is a 2004 Campagnolo Carbon Record crankset set up for 1 x 9. Crankset with the bottom bracket weighs 710 grams. I picked it up from's clearance closet then got my employee discount off sale price. The cassette is a 12/34 XTR cassette.

I put a shorter stem on so that I could more easily ride on the hoods when I removed the inline brake levers. It is a 90mm instead of a 110mm. It feels perfect.

Velocity hubset. Rear weighs 250g and the front 80. These wheels were 1360 grams built up. If they break, so be it. I only have 200 bucks in them total, not counting the tires. My DT 240 hubs are overall a tad lighter than the velocity hubs. THe velocity hubs are made by Chosen. They have sealed cartridge bearings and a very nice buzzsaw sound. I will be building up the Dt 240 hubs with some tubular rims as well soon. I will still have a backup clincher wheelset available as well.

The saddle is the sketchiest of all the changes. But I took a short ride on it and I doubt there will be any issues. Especially during a cross race. I only want the bike to fast, with minimal comfot considerations.


Fish said...

Is there anything on that bike that isn't trick?

Mr. Flynn said...

yeah, the water bottle mount screws.

Oh, and the rider.

I love this bike like you love...well, probably like you love most of your bikes.

Anonymous said...

Record shifter, Jtek Shiftmate, and you could probably sneak that baby to 16.99

Mr. Flynn said...


The main reason I hadn't thought about campy shifters is because I wanted to be able to use an XTR cassette. Never heard of JTEK before. I went to the website...I am intrigued.