Monday, November 30, 2009

Tired, Fatter, but still trying to Kill it

And not because I am riding too much or racing. In fact no racing in the past couple of weeks and last week's riding was a light load because of work and family in town. In fact for the past two weeks I have only had one day off, Thanksgiving. Frankly, Thanksgiving wasn't very restful at all. And I have been eating poorly. Poorly as in way too much and way too many goodies. And my scale broke and so I have no idea how fat I have become. I wouldn't doubt I added 3 to 5 pounds by the feel of my gut right now.

But the main reason for being so tired is that my youngest, Colin, gets up anywhere between 4 am and 6am every single morning. And lately I have really tried to be a better husband and grab the little bugger instead of Bridget. He would rather have Mom get him than Dad and so he throws a fit when I come in to try and get him back to sleep or to just keep quiet until a decent hour.

It is killing us slowly. This is just a phase, the other boys have gone through similar issues in the past. Still, it sucks.

I do have so good news on the training front. I rode home the day after Thanksgiving and broke my record for returning home from work. I hurt as bad as I do during a cross race. The road back home has more climbing that the way to work. The last couple of miles can hurt if I push it. The effort hurt, but it felt good. My engine felt strong. If I can clear out the crap I ate last weekend out of my system I should be OK this next week--meaning I will survive racing Saturday and Sunday this weekend and then Thursday, Friday and Friday next week. Then I am done for the season.

I also have a picture I stole off of the Cernitzbike blog:


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Brianero said...

Beautiful bike! USGP this weekend?