Wednesday, November 4, 2009


...except for the cable ends. But I want to put on the gold ones that came with the TRP brakes and I forgot to get them from Neil. Otherwise, she is ready to go. Taking her out on her maiden voyage this afternoon.


The brake cable pierces the seattube lug nicely. It feels buttery-smooth. There is no more drag on the rear brake than the front brake. Seems like usually you can feel just a bit more resistance because of the extra housing that normally is on a frame on the rear brake. The seat post was also modified to allow the cable to pass through.

Paul's dropouts look great!

Check the Easton EC90 crankset. Beefy. Amazingly light.

Can't wait to ride her and get it dirty. I put a bit of packing tape on the top tube underneath the brake cable to try and save the paint from where most of the scuffing has occured on my Curtlo. I keep saying that it is ok if it gets scratched, but there is a part of me that relishes this prestine condition. It is a work of art.

Thanks Neil!


jimbo said...

I gotta say bro.that is the sexiest SS CX I've ever laid eyes on, No shit.
Neil did an awesome job and the build is 1st rate.
Congrats, that's one stellar SS.

I can't wait to see you race it sportin' the kit!

Brianero said...

I got to see it last night, Jim. It's an amazing ride and Devin spared no expense and cut no corners to make the perfect cross weapon. Lovely...and deadly.

Mr. Flynn said...

It is bitchin'

Thanks for the compliments. And lovely and deadly is right. Seriously aggressive handling. It is not a lazy man's bike. Freakin' awesome is what it is...

If a ride falls though tomorrow with a friend I am heading out again on it.