Monday, November 16, 2009

Barton Park Race: Quickie Report

My Barton Park Haiku:

Sick on Saturday
But must race favorite course
Start last, end better

It has been really busy around here. I went home sick on Saturday and slept for three hours and then slept a regular amount that night. Felt nauseated that morning but not as bad as Saturday. I really love the Barton Park course so I thought positively enough to go. I went to church and then left a little early to make it to the race shortly before start time at 1 pm. I raced singlespeed again and this time my crank stayed on!

I was at the very back of the start. There wasn't anyone behind me, but Craig Austin was beside me. We ended up battling back and forth the whole race. Craig pulled a bit ahead that last lap and I couldn't catch back up before the end. We both ended up passing a number of people, out of 101 starters he ended up 68th and I was 71st. There were three guys ahead of my as I came to the finish. I got one of them, couldn't get the other two. I was dead tired at the end. I dropped to the first grassy spot I could find, not caring that it was fairly wet. When you are seriously muddy, a little bit of clean grass is a nice thing...

I did like the feeling starting at the back. It is a different mindset. Instead of trying to protect the position that I am in when I am at the front I am mentally on the attack knowing that really no one is going to pass me from behind. Craig and I went back and forth, but that was about it. It was fun to pass some guy, I passed a couple of the B's that started a couple of minutes before us.

Here I am tailing Molly Cameron on the first lap:

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