Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Training...

is boring. Mine consists of mainly riding to work and back home. This works out to be about 25 miles per day. The ride there is pretty easy and the ride home can hurt a bit the last couple of miles if I want it to. I usually do opt for a moderate hurt factor.

I had been getting out once per week and usually ended up at Forest Park. For some reason I haven't found the time for past few weeks. I blame work and family. Which is fine, both have priority over riding, but also I haven't really felt like going off-road because then I have to clean another bike one more time that week.

Tonight I rode home a little after 8 pm. I hadn't eaten since about 1pm and I was low on fuel. About 2/3 the way home I stopped to eat. Despite being really hungry and Bridget saying there was little to choose from at home, it was a bad idea. Starting a ride again after stopping for 20 minutes is miserable when it is that cold. All the sweat I had worked up from the first part of the ride had gone cold and made it feel much worse than when I left work an hour before. Legs were cold and all the blood was being used to digest my food (El Pollo Loco, by the way). Bottom line is that I was cold and miserable for the last 3 or 4 miles of my ride. The wind had picked up and the temperature was about 38 or 39 degrees as I was riding last last bit. The wind chill made it feel like it was 30 degrees according to weather.com. It sucked.

But at least I made it home in one piece and I have good clothes to commute in. It really could be worse. I think.

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