Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Racin', Just Commutin'

I didn't race this weekend, I have to work. I rode about 100 miles last week, not counting the cyclocross race, and they were all riding to and from work. A couple of days Bridget picked me up because of time conflicts, but other than that it was a nice rainy car free week.

I don't mind riding in the wet. The wind, um, blows, er it sucks....

And if it is doing both? Well I just smile and give mother nature a mental middle finger and ride on.

I am on track to hit 3000 miles over the course of the year probably the middle of next month. That will be most I have ridden in my life. Not too shabby.

Also this week I hit 187.6 lbs. That is my lowest I have been since sometime in the mid 1990's. Of course, since that time I put on a pound or more. Not sure why other than I need some colon cleanse. I haven't been eating too terribly. Well, I did eat way too many Chili Cheese Fritos yesterday. Man, about once every 2 month or so I get a serious craving for those...

Neil is about finished with The Mule, my disc brake equipped commuter. It is not the uber-build that Buttercup was. Cheap wheels, cheap everything, or at least stuff that I have laying around here. I could have built it up geared but I have a White Industries ENO Disc hub going on for the time being. I hate commuting in the winter with gears. I just feel like I am destroying the drivetrain prematurely. And because it is a Dura Ace drivetrain on the bike I am riding to and from work, it is especially irksome. But that will soon be remedied.

Mr. Spears borrowed my Neuvation wheels today for a race. The tires are the Vittoria XM's. He was impressed like I was. That tire feels very supple and I think the sidewalls and tread will hold up better than the Dugast or Challenge tubulars. I may have to pick me up another set to put on the Easton wheels. But that will be next year after I wear out these Vittoria tires.

Anyway...I plan on getting up with our 1 year old tomorrow morning and his usual wake up time is between 4 and 5 am. I better shut it down. Good night all.

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