Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still In California...

...tying up lose ends. Not that all of them will be tied up when I head back next week. The focus now is on selling everything that Dad had that wasn't given to us kids. There is a great deal of stuff, most of it of little value. But regardless we are having an estate sale this weekend. Lots of tools, some furniture and quite a bit of stereo equipment and LP's. The stereo equipment was state of the art about 20 years ago. There are some speakers here that cost my Dad about $8K when I was a kid. Now, I am just hoping that someone will give us something for them so that I don't have to store them.

There still is a camper trailer to sell, a Mustang Cobra, a new truck, a Harley Davidson and some undeveloped real estate. We are hoping to break even on his debts. The truck and the Harley are not worth near what he owes on them. Then he also has a personal loan that is fairly large. In the end we will not get much of anything in the way of an inheritance, but that is OK. We all received some personal items and a few things that he wanted each of us to have and that is enough.

Dad, did leave us with a few change jars. Enough that all of us and our kids went to Disneyland a couple of days ago. That was pretty fun. I know this post doesn't have anything to do with cycling at all, but I just feel like putting some other stuff up. I have a family blog, and so I could post them up there, but for whatever reason I think I will put some up here as well.

I put this pick in here because it is a pretty good picture of Bridget. The girl with us is my niece. My boys wanted to ride with my brother and sisters.

I am pretty talented. Going double barrel to shoot the bad guys on the Buzz Lightyear ride and while keeping my 10 month old safe besides...I got skilz

California driver?!?!

Colin on the Nemo submarine ride.

My kids have had a blast playing with their cousins. Much of the time has been spent in the backyard. Here's just a few pictures:

Some 4th of July fun.

Keeping cool when it is near 100 degrees...

Jack on the right with his Cousin Raquel.

I have no time to ride at all. Everyday I am working with my siblings to get things moved, cleaned, fixed, faxed, sent, etc., etc. It never ends. I am a week behind where I thought I would be. But, it is what it is. I have gained some weight. I am mildly upset about it. When I get back to PDX I am sure there will be much more time to ride than I currently have.

And the funeral went off fine. I spoke along with my brother. My sisters wussed out. They said they didn't want to cry. So my brother and I did. Blast my brother too. I had a speech written that was lighthearted with just a hint of sappiness. But then Patrick had to go and get all serious and emotional. I just could swing my speech as written. Instead, I went from the hip and managed to say things that were more inline with the tone of the event. I still tossed in some stupid jokes, but I had to cut it way back. My original thought was to keep it lighthearted, afterall funerals are serious enough without the family making things worse for everyone else with a bunch of crying. But, what can I say. I managed to get sappy anyway. Weirdly, even some of the things that I had thought to say that I thought would be funny actually choked me up while talking of them that day. And, for the record I hate getting all choked up and letting the tears roll. But, whatever. It is over and everyone really thought it was well done--like anyone would say different as such a function. Nevertheless, I was pleased.

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