Tuesday, July 28, 2009

176 miles in 7 days

That is probably a record for me. That's all for this post...just wanted to put that out there. Just wanted to, ya know, pat myself on the back a little...

Well one more thing, no I still haven't begun to lose any of my California weight.

Alright and a little complaint before I leave...will people please stop spitting on me and giving me the middle finger? I have been spit on by assholes for no reason other than they probably think that guys in lycra on bikes are homosexuals or something. Once was when I was with my brother-in-law over the weekend and then last night. Then a guy almost hits me tonight when I obviously had the right of way--it wasn't even a close thing--and still calls me an Mother-F'er and gives me the bird as he turned on to the freeway on-ramp. Where are all these jackasses coming from? It has me a bit grumpy.

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