Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Past Recollections: CPC Euphoria LT

I helped design and build this frame about 10-12 years ago. 5 inches of travel. The rear end is somewhat flexy. With all of the CNC work it is really over the top. Look at the chainstay. Each side started out as a 25 pound block of aluminum and ended up weighing about .4 lbs. It was cool to do in hindsight dispite my lingering feelings that I wasted my time there and should have been going to school instead. But, hindsight is...

I was in charge of all of the drawings and the design. I also helped or designed the individual parts on the CAD program. The owner of the company came up with the pivot position around the bottom bracket shell and how to make it work as well as a few other tricks. The aluminum front triangle was hard annodized which made it virtually scratch proof. The Garlock DU bushings actually rode/pivoted on the hard annodized surface on the bottom bracket shell. I was always a little worried about that part--I was worried about how durable it was. But, no worries, the company was done just a couple of years later anyway. I wonder if anyone is still riding any of the frames we built. This one isn't mine. I didn't keep any of them. Frankly, I didn't think they rode as well as some other things out there. But, with a little refinement, it would a been a sweet frameset.

Anyway, this is a blast from the past.

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