Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And on the 8th day he rested...

No riding today. I had the day off from work, Jack's birthday is tomorrow and so I had fun with the family today. Tomorrow I have things to do with Jack and so I won't ride again. But I do get to see gerbils in 3D. It really can't get much better than that.

Some tubes came into the shop, but the tubes for the main triangle, the lugs and BB are still in transit. So far, just the head tube, seat and chain stays and drop outs have arrived.

I can't wait to see how this thing turns out. Neil has some tricky stuff planned for at least one area in particular, but I refuse to give it out here.


Anonymous said...

After reading about your Curtlo's on MTBR, I am surprised you are going to ride someone else's frameset. It is because of you that I have a Curtlo SS MTB on order.

Sorry to hear about your father.

Mr. Flynn said...

I love the Curtlo.

But Neil is a good friend and I have contact with him 3 or more days per week. That sort of contact has provided a great foundation of understanding for this bike. I think he will be able to do things that most builder would be unwilling to try either because they don't build this sort of bike and because they don't want the liability. This should be a very light steel frame. We'll see though it is hard to tell. I am thinking sub 4 lbs. for a lugged frameset. How much below that I don't know.

Plus Curtlo's don't do lugged frames.

And, this frame is even a better deal than the Curtlo since Neil says that he is only a "hobbyist" and won't charge me what this frame probably deserves.

Curtlo made me a rockin' cross frame that is going on its forth season this year. The SS 9r Mtb that he built me fit me like nothing else I have had in an mtb.

And Thank you for the kind words.