Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Ride, The Mule

I rode her in to work today and then from work to a church Christmas party. It was a total of about 22 miles. It felt great. I had to dial in my cleats a little since I am using Look pedals after a long time using Crank Brother Quattro pedals (which are not longer made). I think I may adjust the tilt of the saddle just a tiny bit, but that is it. It is dialed. It freakin' feels great.

I am rolling on some really beefy wheels...boy can I feel it. They take a bit more effort than the Dura Ace wheels that I had been commuting on (believe it or not, those were my crap wheels--seriously). They also seem to transmit more of the road feel to me. The Mule is very stiff; there isn't much flex at all in the bottom bracket. The bike I had been riding had a bit more give, a carbon Specialized SWorks. But this bike fits better and I don't feel bad about running it in the weather. It was made for rainy days like today. Bring it on. It is currently set up as a Singlespeed via a White Industries ENO rear hub to adjust chain to the proper tension, but I could and will put gears on it when the weather turns better.

It is a great bike and it just seems like a really classy ride. I love the color of the bike and the near perfect matching bar tape. The pictures don't really capture it nearly as well as it looks in the flesh, if you will.

I expect that the Mule (such a bad name for such a pretty bike in retrospect) will be getting the vast majority of my mile for the next 3 or 4 months. I expect we will get to know each other very well.


In other news, Buttercup Redux has a spot in line. I am not sure when it will be finished as there are a frame or two or three in front of it, but I will live. Neil is really going to push it with this one and I am going to push him to push it. Buttercup was a very stiff ride--which I liked--but I think there is room to push it further. Super excited. This will be the first of what seems to be a new Team Issue bike for Team Buttercup. I think it would be hot if these bikes all had the same scheme and matched next year's kits. Seriously how many teams have their own bike builder?!?!? Not many that is for sure.

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