Saturday, October 17, 2009

Predictions: UPDATED

I predict that...

...I forget something tomorrow in my rush to get to church on time with all the kids and with all of my stuff so I can go directly from church to the race. Nope, I actually had everything.

...I will make with just enough time that I don't get to warm up or anything. True, didn't get to warm up.

...PFJ (Pack Fodder Jim) will wallop me. He beat me, but I wouldn't call it a wallop.

...I will barely miss being DFL in the Master B's despite being with a pound of an all time low weight (within the past 15 years) and actually feeling pretty good. Those Master B's are just fast. Definitely, at the rear, but not really in danger of the dreaded dfl

...that for the first time my chain will NOT fall off during a race this season (please, please, please let this be true). True, Hooray!

...I will have mud on my teeth when I smile. Nope. No mud much of anywhere despite good rain yesterday.

I should have predicted that I would be really really tired. I am sore all over from one of the bumpiest courses I have ever done. ugh...

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