Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alpenrose pictures

Seriously, dismounting at speed on asphalt is somewhat hazardous. I was trying to slow myself down but instead my shoes just sort of skated. I was a little unnerving a couple of times.

Coming round the corner...I am just glad there is not a gut-roll showing in the picture. I always worry about that...good thing I've lost a bit of weight in the past month or two.

While I was looking for pictures of me I came across this one. Look at the Intensity of PFJ! Geesh, he looks like he should be in Master A's for sure.

THANK YOU OREGON VELO for taking such outstanding pictures and also THANK YOU to OREGON BIKE SHOP for sponsoring the free download of them.


jimbo said...

I'm a give'r I tell ya. Killin' myself out there......

Master A? You gotta be kidding, I about fell outta my chair laughing!

Intensity is there, motor is not. Now if I only had Spears legs..... :)

Mr. Flynn said...

You just don't want his arms this morning. Sorry, poor joke there.