Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nice Hammys

I had returned home from a training ride filled with repeats of Saltzman in Forest park. I was muddy from head to toe. I had removed my bib-knickers and was standing in the laundry room in nothing but a Craft thermal. I was in a compromising position and She had full view of my dirty lower half. Bridget commented on how muddy I was, that mud everywhere. She asked if I had fallen down. Nope, it just goes everywhere when the it flings off the tires. Then she noticed something...,"Wow, you have chiseled hamstrings!" Yes, I do. She was in awe (at least that is my take on it). I appreciated the comment of course. I mean, your wife is supposed to think you are hot, but it is nice to hear.

Just don't look at the love handles.

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