Wednesday, October 14, 2009

odd and ends

I have a couple of days off in a row...kind of nice actually. I might get to relax just a bit...

But I am hoping to have call come in that Buttercup is done so that I can get it built up this week in time race this weekend.

I glued up the wheels last night at the end of a long day and even though I mentally continued to remind myself to check the direction of the tread I screwed up. As soon as I got the tire on the the rim I realized my error. I quickly ripped it off and applied a bit more glue and then remounted it. It made for a messy wheel, but that tread looks straight and I think that there is no question that there will be good adhesion...especially once the glue cures a bit. Well, I guess there is always a question, one can't get cocky about things like this.

A consequence of gluing tubular tires on is that glue ends up on my hands. I used to wear latex gloves, but then the glue would stick to the rim or tire as I was trying to pull the tire on over the rim. A couple of times the glove would get caught and tear getting stuck in between the tire and rim. That's not really fun--trying to get a thin piece of latex out of that glue sandwich. So I just figure I am better off with nothing on my hands. After the gluing is done I use either Goof Off or acetone to get the glue off. Both dry out my hands something fierce. Today I can't get enough lotion on them.

I keep bouncing between 189 and 190 pounds. I will be at 189 and change for a couple of days and then bounce back up to 190 for a day or has been like this for a week or two. Main reason for this stall is my occasional evening eating. It has to stop. Not that I am eating bad, but I just graze at night and eat more than I need to.

I see Brianero occasionally with his injured arms. He always has magnets taped to his wrist and elbows. I say this is mostly hogwash, even though I understand that there is iron in the blood and magnets attract iron and so forth. How about some proof? At least proof that it aids in the repair of bone fractures...I found some nebulous stuff on magnets reducing swelling and inflammation.

I checked out some Gore soft shell jersey/jackets that I really wanting. Especially now that the rainy season is here. I rode to work early yesterday morning...pretty sure that passed Marcelo on my way in. It was dark, chilly and wet on my way in at 6:30 am. I expect much more of that in the coming days.

And finally Colin is sitting on the floor trying to eat rubber bands. Perhaps I should actually pay some attention to him....

Oh, wait... I feel nature calling...I might get below 189 yet today.

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