Saturday, June 27, 2009

Morning Ride in the Inland Empire

What a great morning it was to go for a ride. I left at about 6:45 and it was about 68 degrees. The sky was clear since the smog had not yet moved in. The early morning sun was welcoming as I rode out of the sleepy town of Grand Terrace and out towards Redlands.

There were a few other riders out. I was going at a decent pace, but nothing that really pushed me hard. I stopped to make a saddle adjustment and I saw a couple of other guys a bit behind me. The lead rider was obviously a rider in great condition. The other rider...well, not so much. Mr. Fast was obviously doing some pro bono work with the underprivileged...wait, I mean under conditioned. Sort of like me but heftier by about 75 pounds. By the time I was done fixing the saddle they had just passed me and I decided to chase them down and see where they were heading.

They turned up a road called Mountain View that I was somewhat familiar with. I followed and passed the slower of the two riders. At the end of the road I turned left on an unfamiliar road named Beaumont. The rider ahead of me circled back to ride with the slower rider. I rode on just to see where this street would take me. The road ended at San Timoteo Canyon Road. I paused. They came up and I asked Mr. Fast where a good way to go from here would be. He asked how far I wanted to go and I responded that another 5 to 10 miles before I turned around to head home would be good. He then asked if I wanted to do any hills, I said "Heck yeah!" I needed to suffer a little bit. He told me to ride along with them.

We rode and we picked up another rider for a couple of miles. Don't know her name but she was on a carbon TT bike and she could hold an amazingly low position on the bike and still maintain great power. I couldn't believe how low here torso was. Anyway, she was going to continue on towards Beaumont and we were turning off into the hills.

The hills. Mmm...yeah they were there, but I still have the twin days of riding with Brianero too fresh in my head. These hills sort steep, but not as bad as I was expecting. I should have known because there is no way that Mr. Slow could have done the hills that I had done with Brianero. Basically, there was one good hill and then several moderate hills that didn't make me too uncomfortable.

But, it was fun to ride with these guys. We talked a bit and I was told of another variation that will be fun and hurt a bit more. After talking with Mr. Fast as we waited on Mr. Slow, I could tell that this wasn't really testing him much either, but he enjoyed Mr. Slow's company and wanted to keep him riding. I can relate to that. I am been the slow guy more times that I can count.

We split off as they were heading back to Redlands to the east and I was heading back to Mom's house to the west. I only did 24 miles today. It was enjoyable. If I didn't feel so guilty about even riding that much I would have been game for double that. I felt great.

The Specialized is a great bike. It is so darn comfortable. Man, my Fuji has a totally different ride. Both bikes are carbon, but they don't feel at all the same. Both are great though and I would like to keep them both.

Oh, and I got on the Specialized S-Works Epic carbon bike that I am the new owner of too. I didn't ride it much, but I think I can make it work. It has a 23" top tube. I like 23.75 top tubes. So it feels a bit short. I am going to put on a longer stem and a wider riser bar and see that helps. But the bike is so decked out that I have a hard time wanting to sell it even though it is a bit small. The bike's frame is full carbon of course, but it is also loaded with SRAM X.0 and Shimano XTR. A DT 240 wheelset too. Geesh. Even if the wheels aren't 29ers the bike is so darn sweet. The suspension feels great. Not too much, but just enough. The Reba is even the version with the carbon crown. Again...geesh.

I still need to order the rest of the frame parts for the frame Neil is building for me. Being here has for some reason distracted me a bit. I wanted to call him and clarify a couple of things but I haven't remember to call when Neil is at the shop. And frankly it is not that high on the priority list despite that fact that I am way pumped about it.

Ah, and one last thing. I have to sell a bike. So it is going to be the Voodoo frameset. Bridget said there is no room in the inn for three new bikes (the two Specialized bikes and the Neil Cernitz bike).

Here will be the stable in a few months after the Voodoo is gone and the Neil is finished:

Curtlo Cross bike--True Temper S3 and OX Plat. Mostly Campy Record and Chorus.
Fuji Aloha CF2--Carbon frameset with SRAM Red
Cernitz--a gourmet mix of tubing and lugs to form a singlespeed cyclocross bike.
Specialized S-Works Roubaix: full Dura Ace
Specialized S-Works Epic: Rim brake version, no disc. XTR/X.0 mix.

Not too shabby.

By the way, they up'd my Dad's medication so he is resting more peacefully than yesterday. He is resting much better. And because of this we are all much more at ease here at the house.

Ok, seriously last thing. After the ride and attending to some Dad related stuff I finally got to eat at In N Out Burger.

Behold! A crappy picture of a Double Double--easy sauce, no onions!

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