Monday, June 22, 2009

Can't sleep

It is late here in California. I arrived almost 3 hours ago. I haven't laid down to sleep yet though. Not sure why.

In between all the stuff that has to be done here--most of it depressing possibly, there is some stuff that I need to do for fun. I chose to focus temporarily on the fun stuff. I am going to check on Dad's bikes sometime tomorrow if possible. I am going to eat some good mexican food. And it is going to be HOT Mexican food, too. I am going to go for a run with my sister. She will run like a rabbit and I will be the turtle. However, I confident that similar to the storybook, if the run is long enough I can definately outlast her. So maybe that is what I will try to do. Afterall, I am the older brother here, I have to assert my will on my younger siblings. It is tradition after all.

Oh, and I will be sure to take pictures of that food unlike any other....the Burelleno from El Torero in Corona, Ca.

By the way, to the my wife and boys--I miss you guys.

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Mrs. Flynn said...

I want a burelleno too! Can you send one here? We miss you too!