Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pot, meet Kettle

Brianero, after you stopped by today a guy at the shop, let's call him "Lane", said you've put on weight.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

I didn't notice anything other than your rosy cheeks from skiing.

[An aside for those who don't know, Brianero is a Master A cyclocross racer and I would say maintains a pretty good level of fitness]

I just thought it was funny that he was the one that was talking about winter weight gain. If Lane were a comic character this would be the way they would draw him--the Velonews Old Fat Guy. His gut is not this big, but he definitely is a barrel chested guy with skinny legs.

When I said I hadn't noticed he said, "Well, it is his off season I think he normally gains a little this time of year." Then a few seconds later he added something like "He'll be fine, everyone needs a break."

Anyway, you better get back at it Fatty.


Brianero said...

Aha ha ha! This is hilarious and that's Laner to a T. His queer eye for the straight guy did correctly discern a little gain, but a lot of it is actually muscle from doing different things. And a mere eight pounds up, I mean, come on! I guess I should be touched by his concern, right? Damn, this is funny.

Brianero said...

Still laughing...that Fatcyclist cartoon is a dead ringer. The legs, gut and even the goatee! I wonder if you've been sitting on that for awhile, just waiting for the opportunity? Nah.

Mr. Flynn said...

Ah, the likeness...yes Neil and I have long noticed a similarity between the real and the cartoon.

And yes, it is pretty funny. I am
amused even now a day later.

Glad you were amused, I was wondering what you would think.

Phatty Von Fodder said...

uhh, I thought the "old guy who gets fat in the winter" was me.....
I'm old, and I get fat in the winter, what can I say?

I guess I should ride huh?

Mr. Flynn said...
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Mr. Flynn said...

Dude, you aint fat.

Fodder you may be a little out of it, but you do just fine. I hope I am doing as well when I am your age. Seriously, aren't most guys your age satisfied to race the 50+? Yet here you are racing with the 35+ guys. You are an inspiration.

I heard they are going to add another category for you old'll race at the same time as the Kiddie Cross race. But they are going to let the kids go first so that you guys in the new Depends Class aren't in the way.

Hey, anyone besides me think that there might be some money in a special bike short that doubles as a super absorbent adult diaper?

Phatty Von Fodder said...

Hilarious! LMAO. :)

Hey I could win a race if we started with the Kids, great idea!

Sucks gettin' old atmo.