Saturday, February 28, 2009


I got some training in. No bike yet. As it turns out it still hurts a bit to put pressure in that part of the palm of my hand near my thumb. But I did run this morning. It was brisk and pretty windy but I felt pretty good at my fairly relaxed pace. I am eager to get back at it and drop the pounds I gained while healing.

By the way went to the Ringside tonight. Not nearly as good as El Gaucho, but a good time nonetheless. The Steak was not as good...actually I have grilled better Costco steaks come to think of it. But then, I do have mad grill skills.


Brianero said...

How's the achy hand, Dev??

Mr. Flynn said...

achey. It occasionally wakes me up at night. Ligaments were messed up pretty good for sure. I can do most stuff with it, except for stuff like turning a wrench. Can't put any sort of force behind my thumb otherwise it feels like it is going to tear off. But it is getting better, slowly. I wear a thumb brace most of the time.

Illness is gone too, I can breath and my head is rid of 90% of the snot so I am back at it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a run day. Wednesday I will be riding again to work and back.