Wednesday, February 18, 2009


hit the road hard tonight. Typing with one hand because of it.

17 or 18 mph when I hit an unseen baby head rock near a set of railroad tracks.

Went down in such a way that I managed to jack my right hand so that while I can move it and the fingers a bit I cant do much of anything else. It just throbs constantly.

left hip is bruised and scraped such that anything I do including doing nothing, smarts more than a little.

left shoulder and both knees messed up a bit too, but not badly.

Also a $150 Pearl Izumi Gavia Jersey, $150 Pearl Izumi AmFib bib tights, and some shoe covers were shredded. Good thing tax return just arrived and that I can replace them at a deeply discounted price because I can get an employee purchase deal.

Oh, and bar tape and at least one brake lever is messed up too.

Freakin' sweet.

UPDATE...Midnight. Drugs are awesome! I can actually walk. I can move my fingers fairly well. Thumb still is jacked though. But I think I will be able to sleep tonight.


Kristin said...

oh man, sorry to hear that. ow!

Brianero said...

ooooooooooooo. Hopefully you didn't break anything in the affected extremity. The shred factor on the clothing is always such a huge drag too.
In bike crashes I've broken a fibia, head of the radius and a wrist bone. That's the tally and not from a single crash. To say nothing of the mass of scar tissue that masquerades as a gluteus maximus.

sorry man.

Mr. Flynn said...

Thanks for the concern!

The morning after I can see the bruising has begun. My palm is black and blue as is my hip and lower left butt cheek. Thank goodness the PI stuff was as pretty tough because had this happened in summertime with less clothing on it would have been much bloodier.

I am more bummed about the clothes. My cost is $160 to replace.

My past injuries have included broken wrist which required a plate and screws, and numerous times getting stitches. That is about it for hospital time. Last night's injuries are minor, but they still are a pain in the arse.