Monday, November 3, 2008

My Definition of a Sandbagger

Sorry to be negative, but maybe someone can tell me why when a person has a resume like this:

that one would still be slumming it in the Master C's? It just seems silly. This rider's time would have placed him in the top 15 in Master B's out of 80-ish riders in that group. Dude, time to move up. Five top fives in the six Cross Crusade races is impressive, especially when thay are coming when the fields are often topping 150 racers.

I would love to move up. My time would have put me about 70th out of 80 in Master B's. I still may do Hillsboro as a Master B just for the heck of it. But to that dude up above, I just shake my head at you and a couple of others that also really should be up a class.

The thing is that it just makes no sense not to move up if you are the rider above. There isn't any prize for winning the Cross Crusade series as a Master C. Maybe you are in a competition for the BAR (Best All-around Rider) deal that OBRA does, but to get you points by staying in a lower level than your ability warrants is kind of cheesy. I hope that is not the reason these guys are still down in Master C's.

The top two or three guys are fast, and you DESERVE to be in Master B's. I think that is pretty cool. So move on up guys. It is past time.


Paul_F said...

I told him to have a nice race in the Bs next week as we stood at the line. Yes, the top couple guys are really fast.

FYI, my goal is to race B+ next year and I debate every week if I should just to it now, but it is fun to race with the same guys.

Mr. Flynn said...

Yeah, you had a great weekend in Astoria. I can understand you wanting to check out the MstB's.

I would just like to see if I can hang with those guys a class up.

Paul_F said...

Check out poor Mike G. He won the 1st two Crusade races in C+ and then upgraded to B+. Wow, what a difference in position. Seems to be quite a difference between B and C. I better work hard this winter. Cheers and safe racing this upcoming weekend.

Mr. Flynn said...

3 out of 4 races he was mid pack or better. I don't know what happened at Barton. He seems like he is doing ok, but definitely there is a difference in competition. I would suspect something happened out of the ordinary at Barton though.

Good luck out there this weekend. I have to take the weekend off due to other commitments.